AMI Five Year Limited Warranty


American Marble Industries warranties to the original purchased and the original user for a time of  five (5) years from date of purchase that our cast polymer products (1) Will be free of manufacturing defects.  (2) Will not chip, blister or delaminate.  (3) Will not crack as a result of thermoshock*


Our liability is limited to repair or replacement of the product at the point of purchase, F.O.B. factory, with original proof of purchase.  This does not include liability for installation costs, labor, plumbing or damage incurred from removal or reinstallation.  This warranty does not apply to products installed in commercial properties (rental properties, hotels/motels. etc.)**


This warranty will not apply if (1) Product is not installed according to our instructions or improperly installed according to local building codes and ordinances.  (2) Moved from original point of installation.  (3) Proper care in cleaning an maintenance of product, according to AMI guidelines, is not followed.  (4) Product is subject to abuse, mishandling, accident or freight damage.  Slight imperfections/shade variations in marbling are not considered defects, but akin to those found in natural marble, making each product unique.  This warranty is not extended outside of the United States.


No person is authorized to make any other warranty, representation or assume liablity on the manufaturer's behalf unless expressly designated in writing by manufacturer.


*  Thermoshock can occur only when extreme temperature changes take place.  (Ice water to steaming water in a matter of minutes, for example).  We recommend avoiding such drastic changes in temperature to eliminate the risk.


**  For commercial application, AMI recommends using a china undermount bowl, due to high traffic/excessive usage and potential abuse that can cause thermoshock to a marble bowl. 

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