AMI Madera Wood is our premium line of vanity and kitchen countertops. Made from Acacia wood, these tops are perfect for that modern, rustic look you may be going for!

Available in Natural, Cherry, Ashen, & Coffee

  • Wood provides a look that no other material can. A Madera countertop is beautiful to look at
  • and begs to be touched. Its surface feels more inviting than granite or quartz.
  • AMI Madera countertops are sealed with a durable catalyzed urethane satin finish which is
  • water and stain resistant, as well as food safe.
  • Even though wood is prone to scratches and dents, with tender care and cleaning, Madera
  • countertops will retain their clean, beautiful look for a lifetime! Treat like furniture!
  • Madera countertops are made from renewable “Acacia” wood.
  • *Clean with mild soap & water – NO ABRASIVES OR HARSH CHEMICALS

American Marble Industries warrants that Madera countertops shall be free of defects in material and
workmanship only, for a period of 1 year from date of purchase, subject to the following conditions and
 Inspect countertops before installation
 Claims for scratches and dents after installation are not covered by this or any other warranty
 AMI will repair, replace, or refund countertops only if determined by AMI to be faulty due to
manufacturing defects
 Countertops that are determined to be defective must be returned to the original point of
purchase to be covered by this warranty
 Any claims of shipping damage must be made upon delivery
 Warranty claims after installation:
o The countertop must be removed, at the owners’ expense, and returned to the original
point of purchase for AMI to determine if there is a manufacturing defect. Incidental
work or adjacent materials to remove or reinstall countertop are not covered under this



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